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GHL ION Director - English version

Updated: May 14, 2021

The ION Director is ready! For many months I had the opportunity to be a Beta-tester of this product, interacting with a very professional team that, based on the impressions of the testers, had adapted and perfected the various components that give life to the IOND.

What about it?

The ION Director is a control tool designed to improve the management of the most important parameters of a marine aquarium, allowing them to be measured with a simple button. It is also possible to program a periodic test (automatically) by simultaneously measuring:

  • Magnesium

  • Calcium

  • Potassium

  • Sodium

  • Nitrates

The ranges in which the values ​​are classified as "optimal" can be modified and an alarm can be set to warn us in the event of significant changes.

What are the most important components of the IOND?

The most important components are:

  • MUI Multi-Sensor

  • Slave Doser 2.1

  • IOND Reference A

  • IOND Reference B

  • 8 m of the Flex PVC

  • Power supply 24V and more.


As a first step, the doser pump draws the water from the aquarium and brings it inside the IOND, however favoring the escape of all the liquid deriving from the old measurement (remember to always calibrate the doser before use, this significantly changes the quality of the test).

Once all the liquid has been replaced, the water analysis begins and the computer launches the doser input to dose also the Reference A and B liquids. The test obviously takes place inside the body of the IOND where the MUI multi sensor does the dirty work and returns all the values. We can choose between a standard mode (almost 21 minutes) and HP mode (almost 30 minutes), both very precise. Standard mode can be more useful for those who wish to test more than once per day while consuming less reference fluids (9ml) per test, while the HP mode slightly more reference fluid is consumed (14ml).

All the waste liquid is released into a separate container, while the extra aquarium liquid returns to the sump.

Below is a short video about starting the measurement.


After several months of testing and studying the machine, I can say that the progress made have been significant, the precision and quality of the tests are now close to perfection and GHL has delayed the release for months to ensure that this was possible. Allow me to make a personal note about the tests that the machine performs:

For correct operation, it is advisable to strictly follow each step indicated in the manual, with the aid of a filter provided by GHL makes sure that the water drawn by the Sump is without residues and / or foreign bodies that can compromise the life of the MUI multi-sensor.

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